Generate report containing pdf or ps figures?

Grant Edwards grante at
Wed Apr 25 00:28:43 CEST 2007

On 2007-04-24, David Boddie <david at> wrote:

> However, it doesn't seem that either are capable of inserting the kinds of
> vector files you are using.
> It may be worth writing a quick and dirty PDF writer using an
> existing backend library, though I can imagine that the hard
> work would involve reading the different input formats you
> want to use.

I can generate quite a few different vector formats, and I'll
use whichever one the library can accept.

> Anyway, for future reference, the following projects might prove to be
> inspiring:

It looks like that's Postscript output rather than PDF.


That's almost what I'm looking for, except it appears it can
only rotate/crop pages and not scale/translate them.

I've been looking at the new version (4.20 of Gnuplot, and some
features have been added to the pdf terminal type that almost
solves my problem as well.  It appears I've got a number of 80%
solutions from which to choose.  ;)

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