Suggestion: str.itersplit()

subscriber123 collinstocks at
Sat Apr 21 16:34:52 CEST 2007

On Apr 21, 8:58 am, Dustan <DustanGro... at> wrote:
> >From my searches here, there is no equivalent to java's
> StringTokenizer in python, which seems like a real shame to me.
> However, str.split() works just as well, except for the fact that it
> creates it all at one go. I suggest an itersplit be introduced for
> lazy evaluation, if you don't want to take up recourses, and it could
> be used just like java's StringTokenizer.
> Comments?

That would be good, because then you could iterate over strings the
same way that you iterate over files:

for line in string.itersplit("\n"):
    ## for block ##

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