Launch script on Linux using Putty

Ulysse maxime.p at
Mon Apr 2 19:51:18 CEST 2007

On Apr 2, 12:56 am, Michael Hoffman < at mh391.invalid> wrote:
> Ulysse wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I have a python script which runs all the time (using of library
> > threading). I would like this scipt to run on a remote linux Os using
> > Putty. The problem is, when I close Putty command line window running
> > on my Win PC, the python script stops to run too.
> > I tried to use cron tables instead. By setting the time and restart
> > cron process, but it's not practical.
> > Do you know the right way to do this ?
> There are a few ways to do this, in order of easiest to most involved:
> 1. The easiest is to run nohup on your script in the background:
> $ nohup > output.txt 2> error.txt &
> Then you can disconnect but your script will keep running. Try man nohup
>   for more information.
> 2. Use GNU screen on your remote terminal, and detach the screen instead
> of logging off.
> 3. Set up your script to fork as a daemon. Google for ["python cookbook"
> fork daemon] to find a few recipes for this.
> --
> Michael Hoffman

Thanks a lot but in my situation :

1. nohup seems not to be installed on my "reduced linux distribution".
It's a OpenWrt tunning on my WRT54GL Broadband router.

2. I have looked for the way I can "detach the screen" with Putty but
I've not found (May be you can precise ?)

3. The "fork daemon" script found on
seems to be as huge as my own script and little bit hard to undestand.

So maybe "detach the screen" ?


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