reaching hidden methods + casting

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Thu Apr 12 09:18:19 CEST 2007

can I reach a hidden method when doing ugly inheritance in python?

>>> class A:
...     def spin(self, n): print "A", n
>>> class B:
...     def spin(self, m): print "B", m
>>> class C(A,B):
...     def spin(self, k): print "C", k
>>> myC = C()
>>> dir(myC)
['__doc__', '__module__', 'spin']

In f.x. the C-family of languages I guess something like this would
call B.spin:
((B)myC).spin("Lancelot"); // almost forgot the ';'

Please correct me I am wrong (which I likely am) but as I understand
it this example calls the constructor of int instead of casting it,
>>> leet = int('1337')
>>> leet

So is there another way of digging into the past of a class? Or can/
should I create constructors for the classes A, B and C that takes
objects of the other classes?

Or should I have thought about getting unique names before I
implemented the ugly inheritance graph?



Per Erik Strandberg

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