Comments in ConfigParser module

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-py2 at
Sat Apr 7 22:19:06 CEST 2007

Joel Andres Granados wrote:

> The module also allows the comments to appear in the same line as the
> "name = value" constructs.  The only difference being that this is only
> possible with ";" and not with "#" character.  I did not see this in the
> documentation but this is how it is behaving.

Yes, it's not documented. There is only a comment in the source code:

                            # ';' is a comment delimiter only if it
                            # a spacing character

I think it's either a bug in the code or in the documentation.

> QUESTION...So the question is:
> Can you use "#" and ";" as comment characters? and if so why does the
> "#" not apply for the same situations as the ";"?

If you follow the documentation, comments are ONLY allowed to start a
The actual implementation discards any text following a <space>;

> Just for reference:
> On the RFC 822 <> (a document
> referenced in the documentation) there is a mention of ";" being used as
> comment character but not necessarily at the beginning of the line.

RFC822 uses ";" to include comments in the syntax rules, not for
comments in the actual message headers (parenthesis are used there).

Gabriel Genellina

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