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> On Apr 3, 11:41 pm, "ginstrom" <ginst... at> wrote:
>>> On Behalf Of Kevin Walzer
>>> What's the best way to do this? Can anyone point me in the
>>> right direction? How could, for instance, the top snippet be
>>> rewritten to separate the Tkinter parts from the generic stuff?
>> I like to use the broadcaster/broker recipe at

[lots of code that was pretty irrelevant to the reply]

> I usually put all my GUI code into their own methods(s) and call those
> methods from the __init__(). I do the same with the logic (where
> applicable). This makes the code easier to manipulate and/or import.
> In wxPython, you can also use XRC to define most of the common
> elements of you GUI. I've found this method to be very helpful in
> keeping my code short and easy to read, for GUI code.
While talking about keeping things short and easy to read, maybe you 
could be a bit more considerate in your quoting practices. We really 
didn't need to see all the code quoted to hear what you had to say ...

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