Tutorial creates confusion about slices

Michael Hoffman cam.ac.uk at mh391.invalid
Tue Apr 24 15:39:43 CEST 2007

[Michael Hoffman]
>> Personally, I do not think of slices in the way this tutorial suggests, 
>> but I think taking it out without replacement would not help. If you 
>> want to add a more accurate replacement, I think that would be better 
>> received than just saying that the section should be removed. Even more 
>> so if you provide it in the form of a patch.

[Antoon Pardon]
> Well people could suggest that instead of just removing the section
> there should be a replacement and then we could discuss how such
> a replacement should look like.

Isn't that what I have done? And William Hamilton suggested an 
alternative way of looking at it which you could have just incorporated 
into your patch.

> I just started with what I see as
> a problem and one possible fix. Now I guess that if people would
> agree that there is problem but don't agree with my fix they would
> comment on my fix. Instead most reactions seem to suggest there is
> not really a problem. Now I am not going to waste my time writing
> a patch for something that doesn't seem to be considered a problem.

Really only one person has argued that the docs do not need to be 
changed. The other two people seemed to think you were asking for help 
rather than discussing how to revise the docs. Understandable, since 
that's why most people come to this group in my estimation.

Your time is your own and it is good to spend your efforts on what you 
think will be most fruitful. But if you are going to let the opposition 
of one person stop you from doing anything, you will not accomplish very 
Michael Hoffman

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