About Trolltech QT OpenSource license.

king kikapu aboudouvas at panafonet.gr
Tue Apr 10 22:30:50 CEST 2007

Ο/Η Jarek Zgoda έγραψε:
> king kikapu napisa³(a):
> This is a bullsh*t. Qt is free (as in "free speech") on GPL. Nothing
> stops you from using it in any commercial project if only it fits the
> licensing terms (i.o.w. it's free software). This specially applies to
> inhouse development, as in such case there's no "distribution".

Hmmm...how a commercial software (that means i get paid for give it)
it will be consider "free software" ?
I ask because i surely do not understand correctly the GPL lisence and
all that stuff.

> Hey, there's no such statement here. Where did you get this "must buy
> the commercial lisence"?

Good point! I got it because at the last portion of my email, i asked
for it. I asked them that:
"And in  the case i want to build something that i want to later sell
(as an individual)..."

so i got it back.

> Plus, this (sales)person forgot to state clearly, that GPL covers only
> distribution, not the cost of software. If you manage to get some hot
> cash for selling sources of your GPL-ed program, the license would not
> try to stop you from doing that. ;)

As i said, i do not fully understand all this license stuff. All i
want to ask is, i can make GPL software and gain money from this ? And
if that so, then why they "force" you to buy the commercial lisence in
such case ?

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