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saif.shakeel at gmail.com saif.shakeel at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 09:44:23 CEST 2007

     I am parsing an XML file and sending the output to two files.The
code asks the user to enter the input file,something like:

file_input = raw_input("Enter The ODX File Path:")
input_xml = open(file_input,'r')

  Now suppose the user enters the path as :
C:\Projects\ODX Import\Sample Files\Global _A_UHP_Low_0.7.odx.xml

 I have 2 output files to which i have to redirect the output.The
output file name should be same as input file in the same path ( the
extension has to change to a format "ini" which is basically text file
opened using notepad).Eg..
output files should be :
C:\Projects\ODX Import\Sample Files\Global _A_UHP_Low_0.7.ini,   and,
C:\Projects\ODX Import\Sample Files\Global _A_UHP_Low_0.7.xls

Can someone help me in this.

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