About Trolltech QT OpenSource license.

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at o2.usun.pl
Tue Apr 10 22:55:36 CEST 2007

king kikapu napisał(a):

>> This is a bullsh*t. Qt is free (as in "free speech") on GPL. Nothing
>> stops you from using it in any commercial project if only it fits the
>> licensing terms (i.o.w. it's free software). This specially applies to
>> inhouse development, as in such case there's no "distribution".
> Hmmm...how a commercial software (that means i get paid for give it)
> it will be consider "free software" ?
> I ask because i surely do not understand correctly the GPL lisence and
> all that stuff.

The GPL is about distribution of software. If you provide your program
with sources and allow redistribution under provisions of GPL, it will
be free (as you provide some "freedoms" listed in the license
statement), even if you earn cash for it. It's "free as in freedom" (or
free speech), not as in "free beer". Please, contact your local FSF,
CreativeCommons or ISOC lawyer to get an advice if you feel you need a
lawyer's assistance. For the brief explanation of the problem, see
http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/selling.html. This document should cover
most cases. ;)

>> Plus, this (sales)person forgot to state clearly, that GPL covers only
>> distribution, not the cost of software. If you manage to get some hot
>> cash for selling sources of your GPL-ed program, the license would not
>> try to stop you from doing that. ;)
> As i said, i do not fully understand all this license stuff. All i
> want to ask is, i can make GPL software and gain money from this ? And
> if that so, then why they "force" you to buy the commercial lisence in
> such case ?

They cann't and the don't. If you obey GPL rules, you're right. The
(sales)person you had a conversation with is, well, just a salesperson.
Trolltech makes money from selling commercial licenses, so these persons
will always try to persuade you to buying a license or two, "just in
case". ;)

Jarek Zgoda

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