About Trolltech QT OpenSource license.

Robert Kern robert.kern at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 09:56:51 CEST 2007

king kikapu wrote:
> As i said, i do not fully understand all this license stuff. All i
> want to ask is, i can make GPL software and gain money from this ? And
> if that so, then why they "force" you to buy the commercial lisence in
> such case ?

Others have given good answers. I would only like to clarify what I think is the
source of confusion here. While the FSF and many open source advocates make a
distinction between the words "commercial" (meaning that someone derives money
from distributing the software, whether it is GPLed or not) and "proprietary"
(meaning that the software is not being distributed under an open source license
but one that restricts user's rights), Trolltech abuses the term "commercial" to
mean "proprietary" in this case.

If you obey the terms of the GPL and still manage to derive money from it, you
don't need Trolltech's "commercial" license. Just be sure that you do obey the
terms of the GPL; it's not entirely trivial to build a business model around it.
Such a business will be somewhat different from one that uses proprietary licenses.

Robert Kern

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