tuples, index method, Python's design

Paul Rubin http
Mon Apr 9 02:23:03 CEST 2007

Carsten Haese <carsten at uniqsys.com> writes:
> Will tuples also get a sort method? What about append and extend? pop?
> __iadd__? __delslice__?

They are immutable so they won't get .sort() etc.  sorted(...) already
works on them.

> How many brain cells are actually freed up by not having to remember
> that *one* method that you'd never use doesn't exist?

I dunno but I do know that Ruby is attracting a lot of potential Python
users because it apparently has fewer of these inconsistencies.  A big
web site I hang out on decided to do a software rewrite (currently using
a huge perl script) and evaluated a bunch of possible approaches.  In
the final decision, Ruby/Rails won out over Python/Django.

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