is laziness a programer's virtue?

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>On 17 Apr., 12:33, Markus E Leypold
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>> What makes Xah a troll is neither off-topic posts nor being
>> incoherent -- its the attitude. He's broadcasting his drivel to a
>> number of groups not with the intention to discuss (he hardly ever
>> answers to answers to his posts), but solely with the intention to
>> inform the world at large about his own magnificient thoughts.
>This hits the nail on the head.
>Perhaps one could understand this behaviour on cultural grounds. In
>chinese culture it may be not uncommon to write something that merely
>sounds like great wisdom and it is nevertheless appreciated because
>it's a piece of calligraphic art.
>> Trying to correct Xah's behaviour is probably impossible.
>Perhaps somebody could ask the chinese government to put him in jail
>for "hurting international society" :)

That's going to be tough because, according to his web page, he's
living in a Honda Civic somewhere in Illinois, USA.

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