Re-ocurring Events

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Ok, Almost done now, it seems to be working a real charm at the moment.

I need a little help on performing a quick if statement against a date
string. I have couple of date strings returned by


and I need to do and conditional that ensures start is before today's
date/time and end is after today's date/time.

The string looks like: '2007-01-01 00:00:00'

Do I have to convert this to a proper time object to do the comparison? Or
can I do it as a string?



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Thanks for getting back to me Laurent.

I've now made some pretty tidy progress on this and -think- it's going to
shape up nicely, I'm just working on converting my date strings from the XML
into a date_struct and we should be good to go.

I'll keep you all posted.


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Robert Rawlins - Think Blue a écrit :
> Thank you guys for your suggestions.
> I've been having a look at that launchd stuff from apple but couldn’t
> see how that applies to my requirements.

I was not thinking about launchd itself, but about its XML configuration 
files which manage timed events, as you need.

> I've been putting some serious thought into how this should work as its
> essentially the final part of the puzzle for my application, I'll have a
> fully working model for my application.
> I've been thinking about the possibility of using a combination of xpath
> search the XML with some loops which change the date. As events won't ever
> be set to start before 01-01-2007 I can set that as the ceiling for my
> So when I'm searching for weekly events, I 'simply' take today's date and
> time and loop from now until 01-01-2007 decrementing the date by a week
> iteration of the loop and then search the XML for events in that date,
> sense?
> I know that's a fairly intensive way of doing it, but if it works it
> Now, the loop is where I'm really struggling, I've not done any looping
> dates, can anyone give me a hand with this? How can I loop back in time
> now to beginning of 07 a week at a time? Do we have some form of dateAdd()
> can use with a while loop? Perhaps.

See datetime module, eventually third party mxDatetime.

> Date = (now)
> While date > 2007-01-01:
> 	Date = dateAdd(date, -1, w)
> Something to that effect? Then I can quickly xpath for every iteration of
> the loop.



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