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> > > Hello, after reading some of the book Programming Python it seems that
> > > python is something I would like to delve deeper into. The only thing
> > > is, I have no idea what I should try and write. So I was hoping that
> > > someone here could help point me to a group/project that would be a
> > > good starting place for a person with limited python knowledge, but
> > > that is willing to learn whatever is necessary. I'm hoping that with a
> > > goal I can start to learn python instead of just playing around with
> > > it. Thanks.
> > I have a little sub-project where I generate random numbers to a music
> > file (a simpe ascii format that works in a grid) you see some other
> > part of it you would like to work on or expand..'t added the sub-
> > project yet but I can upload it to some google space if you are
> > intrested..  (uses wxwindows and python 2.5)
> I just installed Python 2.5 a few days ago.  I like to play with
> csound.
> However,  I am a window user knowing Java and C#.  I do not have any
> experience with unix system and c.  I appreciate if you would send me
> some instructions and examples to get me started so that In the
> future, I can use midi input and get ourput from csound with a final
> objective to generate some music not representable by midi.
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Csound is based on c but as a csound user you don't realy need to
know...  just take the instruments that are already available for
free..  Dex Tracker is just an interface to make it easier and provide
other tools..  more info on csound including manuals exc can be found

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