Minimal Linux system to run Python

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Sat Apr 14 20:54:23 CEST 2007

You basically just want to create a new startup mode, with only the
needed modules loaded, and then set the system to boot up into that
mode.  I messed around with it a bit awhile ago, and managed to modify
run-level 3 to accomplish what i wanted.  After it had done one part
of its thing, a python script would set the run-level to the one I had
defined, reboot into that mode,and execute what I needed.  When
finished, it would change run-level back to 5 and restart to get the
user back to where he was.  I can't remember the exact paths, but the
boot modes are at /etc/init.d/init5/ , init4, init3, etc.  You can
choose which is called at boot in a file called 'initconfig' I think.
It will take some experimentation to figure out which modules are
absolutely necessary for even python to run.  It seems that I had some
problems running the script in single-user mode, so I went to run-
level 3 and modified it a bit.

If you're still looking for help on Monday I can give you more


On Apr 14, 10:53 am, Chaz Ginger <cginbos... at> wrote:
> I have a need for the minimal Linux system to run Python. Basically I
> want the system to boot up and instead of starting up Init/etc. I would
> love it to run python (and a python script I have written).
> Before embarking on doing it myself I was wondering if anyone knew of
> just such a system?
> Peace,
> Chaz

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