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 So many of the talking-head rants about VPI are idiotic.
  1) bomb scares should have ak\lerted officials --blah blah blah
        The fact is that on a large university campus bomb threats
        are almost as common as exams! (there is a correlation!)
        They are quietly checked out without emptying dorms or
  2)VPI is not a "schoolhouse: and the students are NOT kids.
     The stiudents are adults. In fact, it is a violation of federal 
      law for a university officials to discuss a student's
       performasnce with the parents!
  3) Lock-down-- INSANE  
      VPI is a small city.About 30,000 people, dozens of buildings (
some a mile apart) on 2600 acres (more than 3 times the size of
NY's Central Park. It is not fenced or walled. The grounds and  
     even the hallways of classroom buildings are coinsidered "public"
        Select your favorite city of 30,000 people. Consider: police
     are called to an apartment building to investigate reported 
     gunshots. They find two dead and questioning leads to reports 
     that the killer left "town". Do they lock down the entire town?
        Of course not --- it's not feasable ---
        Nor would they notify all residents of danger -- there was no 
      reason to believe there was ---
       VPI of such a "city" --- and police already had a "person of 
     interest" for the two killings   --- a gun "enthusiast" ---the 
     boyfriend of the dead  girl.

       I  have spent many years on university campuses. But, I have 
      never had any association with VPI and ave never been there.

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