subprocess "handle is invalid" error

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><snip stuff about gnu-plot and py2exe problems>
>> How does one troubleshoot errors that happen three layers deep
>> in the subprocess module?
> I think the problem is more likely in how your py2exe is
> getting bundled, rather than any real problem with the
> subprocess module.

I've switched back to os.popen() since I seem to get the same
problems with either.  The odd thing is that it only seems to
fail when the current directory is mounted via the network
_and_ when it's being started by clicking on a file whose
filetype is associated with the application.

Running the program from the command line (cmd.exe or bash)
always works for any current directory. Running the program by
cliking on a shortcut icon on the desktop always works for any 
'start in' directory.

The one case that doesn't work is when its run by clicking on
an associated file on a network drive.

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