pure python for sms

Gerardo Herzig gherzig at fmed.uba.ar
Fri Aug 31 15:36:40 CEST 2007

Neil Hodgson wrote:

>Gerardo Herzig:
>>Hi dudes. Im looking for a python implementation for sending sms to a 
>>cell phone. I was try using some free pages, but i want to use a python. 
>>Do i need a cellphone conected to my machine? Or can i send sms to some 
>>cell via some python library?
>    This is likely to cost some money similar to sending an SMS from a 
>'phone. There are several companies that provide SMS sending services 
>that can be accessed through HTTP. Have a look at www.clickatell.com and 
>www.aql.com . Here is a library based on Clickatell:
>    Neil
Well, im not triyng to send a SMS `FROM' a cellphone, im trying to send 
a SMS `TO' a cellphone. Here (in Argentina) are several sites who lets 
you send a sms for free. You also can receive SMS responses via this page

While my tries using this page via urllib failed, i dont want to depend 
on an external page anyway. The  python class you  send to me looks like 
a  pay site (if not, i dont see why the tokenpay() and getbalance() 
methods :)

I was also avaiable to send a sms in the form of an plain email 
__cellphone_number at i_used_to_be_cool_smtp.com, but it not seems to work 
this way no longer. Again, i dont want to do it that way anyway.

Thats why im looking for a python implementation of that funcionality.


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