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Michael Tobis mtobis at
Sat Aug 4 17:10:49 CEST 2007

On Aug 4, 9:32 am, Neil Cerutti <horp... at> wrot

> With Python, you won't find anything like that. Python is too
> huge.

That's silly. Python is small in the sense that C is small. The Python
standard library is probably much bigger than the C standard library,
but Kernghan and Richie don't cover it.

K&R is a unique book. I have never seen anything comparable for any
language. The closest Python equivalent is the official docs:

I think the core Python bookshelf is:

Learning Python (Lutxz & Ascher) and/or
Dive Into Python (Pilgrim) for tutorial

Python in a Nutshell (Martelli) AND
Python Essential Reference (Beazley) for reference

The latter two books are not perfect (both indexes are infuriating)
but I usually find that I can find what I am looking for in one or the

Like most people I eventually plan to read Moby Dick, War and Peace,
and Lutz's Programming Python. Maybe when I retire.


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