status of Programming by Contract (PEP 316)?

Russ uymqlp502 at
Fri Aug 31 03:26:29 CEST 2007

> FWIW, the "Eiffel and SPARK Ada folks" also "brilliantly explained" why
> one can not hope to "write reliable programs" without strict static
> declarative type-checking.

And they are probably right.

I don't think you understand what they mean by "reliable
programs." Any idea how much Python is used for flight control systems
in commercial
transport aircraft or jet fighters? How about ballistic missile launch
and guidance systems?
Any idea why?

For the record, I think that DBS could possibly make Python more
suitable for *some*
mission-critical or perhaps even safety-critical applications, but it
will never be able
to compete with SPARK Ada or even Ada at the highest level of that

The important question is this: why do I waste my time with bozos like

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