the one python book

Silfheed silfheed at
Sun Aug 5 20:13:21 CEST 2007

On Aug 4, 6:23 am, "dhr" <dima.hris... at> wrote:

Assuming that you already know that a ton of great stuff is on the
web, I'd also recommend 'Programming Python' and 'Python Cookbook'.
'The Python Book' would have to be the Python book ('Programming
Python', cuz it has a python on the cover and covers the python
language, brilliant!....) It's huge and is full of great scripts and,
most importantly, promotes good coding style.  Hopefully they've
updated the index tho, since the 2nd edition has an utterly pathetic
index, tho you can still find what you want pretty quickly with just
the toc.

Python Cookbook is necessary because it covers so many little hidden
secrets of python.  The section on dateutil is worth the price of the
book alone.

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