Eclipse/PyDev question

king kikapu aboudouvas at
Mon Aug 13 11:48:59 CEST 2007


i am using Eclipse (Platform Runtime binary) with PyDev and i was
wondering if someone can help me with this:

1. I set breakpoints to a .py file and i have told Eclipse to open the
Debug perspective when it sees that some .py file(s) of my project
indeed contains breakpoints. So, i press F9,  Eclipse starts, Debug
perspective opens and i can use the debugger just fine. But when the
app terminates, how can i tell Eclipse to switch automatically to the
PyDev perspective and not remain in the Debug one ?

2. Let's say we have a project that consists of some .py files. I want
to press F9 when the editor displays anyone of these files but make
Eclipse to run the whole project (that has another .py as "default")
and not the script that i am currently working on, is that possible ??

Thanks a lot for any help

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