Server-side scripting in python

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Wed Aug 22 06:03:56 CEST 2007

On Aug 21, 6:40 pm, cla... at (Cameron Laird) wrote:
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> >Hi group,
> >I need to develop a web application. I am in a fix as to choose among
> >the various server-side scripting options. I want to explore python
> >(am a newbie) to gain expertise and upon search, I learnt about
> >PSP(Python Server Pages) that uses Jython as its scripting language.
> >Is it a better option over PHP or Perl? Could anyone point out the
> >pros and cons of using PSP over others?
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> I suspect that several of us don't understand your question.
> Python supports several--arguably, a plethora, more than any other
> language--distinct "frameworks" for server-side scripting of Web
> applications <URL:>.
> PSP certainly is among these, although it's recommended <URL:> less often than
> several others.  Is PSP better than PHP or Perl?  First, do you
> understand that PSP isn't directly comparable to PHP or Perl?  The
> latter two are languages, while PSP is a Web framework.  In any
> case, the answer is certain to be, "it depends".  There certainly
> are situations for each of PSP, PHP, Perl, and many other technol-
> ogies.
> I summarize:  if you have an interest in practicing Python while
> building Web applications, your prospects certainly are bright;
> you'll receive abundant help from the folks here and elsewhere.
> For us to provide more specific details about Perl, PSP, and so
> on, meaningful to your own needs, will only be possible when you
> articulate the latter more fully <URL:>.

Let me phrase my problem in a finer way.
I have done simple projects in python.
I wanted to explore web programming facet of python. The problem at my
hand is to develop an email web client. I've developed web
applications in PHP. I need to evaluate python-based web frameworks to
make a smart choice of the web framework or a language like PHP, Perl
based on performance predominantly. Do I make myself clear now?

Thanks for all the help extended.

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