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Tue Aug 14 14:24:11 CEST 2007

On Aug 13, 8:06 pm, Steve Holden <st... at> wrote:
> milan_sanremo wrote:
> > I've read the documentation on os.chmod() and can implement all the
> > standard commands, but what is the syntax for the equivalent of chmod g
> > + to set the group id?
> I assume when you say "to set the group id" you actually mean "to assert
> the setgid bit"? I further presume that when you say "chmod g+" you
> actually mean "chmod g+s".

The g+s was an omission on my part.  I can see how it would confuse
the issue.

I'm not sure if I mean "to assert the setgid bit".  My SUN docs refer
to it being 'on'.

> You can't have read the documentation very thoroughly. It says right at
> the top:

I did see this in the documentation:

Change the mode of path to the numeric mode. mode may take one of the
following values (as defined in the stat module) or bitwise or-ed
combinations of them:

    * S_ISUID
    * S_ISGID

Which refers to:

After which it was still unclear.

My question is in the command os.chmod(myDirectory, ?) what is the
value for ? to turn on the setgid bit.

Contrary to your presumption, I did read the documentation
thoroughly.  It is inability to understand the concept which prompted
me to post the question here.

> Of course, your process needs to have root privilege in order to be able
> to do that.
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