Python, Sharepoint, .NET, NTLM

frikk frikker at
Wed Aug 15 17:11:40 CEST 2007

Hey everyone,
  I need to authenticate with a Sharepoint server. It looks to be
using 'NTLM' authentication.  I've looked on the newsgroup and it
looks like there has been talk of using python and NTLM but no
definite solutions are apparent.

  Can anyone provide me with any kind of help on this issue? URLLIB2
keeps getting a 401 error when I try any kind of authentication.

I am trying to use python here in my company (for obvious reasons -
python is awesome!) and this is the first major project that would use
it.  Unfortunately if I cannot talk to Sharepoint (I am just trying to
get a list of .xml files and data from a form library) I cannot use

 The other solution would be: Does anyone know how to get xml files
from a sharepoint library in python?  The worst case would be using
another language to compile just the xml file downloader.  This is not
the optimal solution.

Thank you,

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