How to use C enum in Python CTypes?

rozniy rozniy at
Tue Aug 7 06:57:19 CEST 2007

I am using Python's CTypes module to import functions from a DLL into
Python. Some of the DLL's functions take enum type arguments, eg:

olDaGetDASS (HDEV hDev, OLSS OlSs, UINT uiElement, PHDASS phDass);

//(this function is in C form)

>From the header file, I found that type OLSS is an enum, like this:

typedef enum olss_tag

I managed to fudge the HDEV, UINT and PHDASS types as CTypes c_long(),
but I am not sure how translate a C enum into Python...

This site

says that enumeration types is not implemented,
"Enumeration types are not implemented. You can do it easily yourself,
using c_int as the base class."

How do I do this? I am fairly new to Python, coming in from C++ (of
which I am utterly sick!)

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