"C:\test.jpg") is this wrong ?

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>>"C:\test.jpg")  # this is what I have right now. And it
>> can't find the file or directory. The file is there (it is everywhere
>> on my computer now!!!)

Use "C:\\test.jpg" or r"C:\test.jpg" or "C:/test.jpg" instead.
\t is interpreted as a tab character

> I found some code where they apply the file path to a variable in single
> quotes. Is that how it is done. Also I thought single quotes were for
> characters not strings.

a = 'This is a string'
b = "This is a string too"
c = """This is a
very long
string, spanning
several lines"""
d = '''This is
a multiline
string too'''
e = "e"
f = 'f'

You can read the relevant Tutorial section here  

Gabriel Genellina

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