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Fri Aug 31 11:19:18 CEST 2007

On Aug 31, 8:47 am, Erik Max Francis <m... at> wrote:
> Hendrik van Rooyen wrote:
> > weird this - maybe a native English speaker can comment -
> > when I pronounce what fishermen do - it rhymes with roll,
> > but when I am talking about the thing that lives under bridges
> > and munches goats, the "O" sound is shorter, and more
> > towards the back of my mouth.
> Native English accents vary as well, but _roll_ rhymes with _troll_, not
> _trawl_.  _Trawl_ would rhyme with _fall_, and _fall_ definitely doesn't
> rhyme with _roll_.
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I say the 'oll' in troll like the 'ol' in frolic, and pronounce roll
and role similarly.

My accent is probably from the East Midlands of the UK, but is not

- Paddy.

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