Automation and scheduling of front page publishing using python

andrew.arobert at andrew.arobert at
Fri Aug 31 01:48:43 CEST 2007

Good afternoon,

We have numerous web sites which are currently being manually
published via Front Page.

Doing one or two sites on an ad-hoc basis was not too bad but we are
now over 20 or thirty at set times during a business day.

What I would love to do is find a way of automating this task, ideally
by the command line, and called from a central automated task
scheduler such as Maestro.

Using Cygwin's rsync or Microsoft's Robocopy successfully moves a
site from one file system path to another but the front page
extensions and navigation/etc are

Does anyone know of an alternative method for handling this using

I did a google search and a scan of the cheese shop but nothing seems
to jump out as a place to start.

Any advice you can give on this would be fantastic.

I've been trying to introduce Python to my shop for some time but they
have been most resistant, usually insisting on Perl.


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