Pausing and Unpausing Threads

Aaron J. M. ajmacd at
Mon Aug 13 02:45:47 CEST 2007

Uhg, I thought of something I didn't consider before: how to cleanly
end the Server/DirectedControl(l)er process.  Assuming that the Client
only sends Actions to the DirectedController while the
DirectedController is in its turn() method (which I would probably
regulate using some flag in DirectedController) the Client will
eventually need a way to order the Server to stop its processing.
Stopping the Server also has to make the DirectedController break out
of its turn method without letting it execute an Action.  I don't want
to just kill the Server thread because I may want to do serialization
or other kinds of cleanup.

Have people encountered something like this before?

Thank you,

Aaron J. M.

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