i am new to python-Please somebody help

Neil Cerutti horpner at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 2 21:38:15 CEST 2007

On 2007-08-02, gregarican <greg.kujawa at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Aug 2, 12:58 pm, "Terry Reedy" <tjre... at udel.edu> wrote:
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>> | friendly than Python's. Your points are well-taken in how to properly
>> | post and how to do your own homework. Message correct. Delivery
>> | lacking...
>> Sorry, I saw nothing rude in Steven's straightforward and indeed polite
>> suggestion.  Your post, however, ....
>> tjr
> Maybe it's just me but the word "grovelling" just doesn't ring
> of newbie friendliness. 

Maybe not, but it seemed to be a reasonable characterisation of
the subject line.

The only thing more valued than politeness on most programming
newsgroups is correctness.

> To each their own I guess. Kind of like the Smalltalk list
> where a few respondents are really dry. Someone will post
> asking something like "Can I use Smalltalk to do X so that it
> talks to Y?" One guy (without pointing to a link or offering a
> snippet) just posts "Yes." I guess literally they have
> contributed. Or someone calls your house and asks, "Is
> so-and-so there?" You just say "Yes" and hang up on them :-)

Those kind of replies are posted for the fun of it, and with the
knowledge that somebody else will feel less flip at the time and
probably provide real help.

Neil Cerutti
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