Augmented assignment (was Re: Something in the function tutorial confused me.)

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>    	This sentence is phrased as though it is the whole story, but it 
>isn't, because the operation might not in fact wind up being an 
>assignment.  Shouldn't there be an "except see below" or something 
>there, to alert the reader that in some cases a true assignment doesn't 
>occur?  (I realize that the exception follows quite closely on the heels 
>of this sentence, but it doesn't follow immediately, and is separated by 
>a paragraph break and intervening material about the parallel to 
>unaugmented x = x + 1.  On initial reading my tendency is to read the 
>end of the sentence quoted above, see a paragraph break and apparently 
>explanatory material, and go "oh, okay, I now have the full 
>specification of this syntax" when in fact I don't.)

That's a good idea -- doc patches are always welcome!
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