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Fri Aug 24 08:45:41 CEST 2007


Aahz writes:

> Torsten Bronger  <bronger at> wrote:
>> Aahz writes:
>>> Torsten Bronger  <bronger at> wrote:
>>>> Some LaTeX users in Aachen thought about a general-use markup
>>>> language this spring.  I wrote some code and a rough project
>>>> description, however, we could need some help.
>>> [...]
> My point is that docutils already exists; given the combined
> competition from LaTeX and docutils and OpenOffice, you should
> probably explain what differentiates your project and why people
> should support your project instead of (or in addition to) others.

reStructuredText, AsciiDoc, and some others focus on source code
documentation, or on software documentation.  In contrast to that,
our markup should be suitable for PhD theses, papers and the like.
Thus, it has weaker means for code snippets, RFC citation etc, but
rich syntax for bibliographic entries, index entries, math, and
floating figures.  Additionally, input methods simplify using
characters like δ, ⇒, or ”.

The differences to LaTeX are explained comprehensively on the
webpage, and actually LaTeX is the real competitor rather than
reStructuredText.  OOo isn't a plain text format, and has no strong
semantic markup.


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