ANN: Compyler 0.1

olsongt at olsongt at
Mon Aug 13 18:01:15 CEST 2007

> Grant Olson wrote:
> > Compyler is a pre-alpha x86 native code compiler.
> In what ways is this similar or different to Shed Skin?
> --Irmen

I've never actually downloaded shedskin, but my understanding is that

  + does type inference for speed, but means you're working with a
subset of python.

  + Generates C++ so you need an intermediate compiler (probably only
an issue on windows)

  + Generates code via the AST.

OTOH, compyler:

  + has the exact same semantics as compiler code.  I was more
concerned with this than performance payoffs.

  + generates .COFF files that are ready for linking.

  + Skips syntax tree processing and just assumes the default bytecode
is a good enough starting point.

I was going to say you couldn't make a .pyd in ShedSkin, but it looks
like you can do that too.


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