Fri Aug 24 20:20:24 CEST 2007

Still trying to learn Python and was hoping some of you might be able to give me some advice 
on my code 
below.  It works but I'm wondering if there's more efficient ways of doing this than the way 
I've done it.

The first step is I have to loop thru nested folders and find all files that start with "LOGO".  So 
I use Unix's 'find' 
and write all the paths out to a text file like so:

find ~/Desktop/logoFiles/ -type f -iname "LOGO*" > ~/Desktop/logo_stuff/paths.txt"

Next, I use Python (code below) to look thru each paragraph of that file (paths.txt).  While 
looping thru each 
paragraph, I want to first make sure that the folder name that the file is in is a number.  For 
example, if it found 
file 'LOGO9012', then I'd want to make sure the folder name that this file was in was a 
number (~/Desktop/
logoFiles/12/LOGO9012).  If that's ok then I grab the number off the file name.  If there's not 
a number in the 
file name then I ignore it.  I then create a dictionary that has a key which equals the number I 
grabbed from the 
file name and then the value contains the full file path (that I grabbed out of the text file) 
followed by a 
delimiter (<::>) followed by 'LOGO' and the number I got from the file name (making sure to 
keep any leading 
zeroes if they were there originally).  Finally, I sort the keys in numerical order and save out a 
file with all the 
appropriate info from my dictionary (which will be a list of paths followed by a delimiter and 
file name).  Here's 
an example of what this new file might contain:


Anyway, if anyone has time to look at this I'd appreciate your thoughts.  Thanks!



import re

dList = {}
sortedList = ""

pathFile = open("~/Desktop/logo_stuff/paths.txt", "r")

for x in pathFile:
  if len(re.findall(r"^\d+$", x.split("/")[-2])) > 0:  #make sure folder name is a number
    n = re.findall(r"\d+", x.split("/")[-1])   #Grab number off file name
    if len(n) > 0: dList[int(n[0])] = x[:-1] + "<::>LOGO" + n[0] + "\n"


keyList = dList.keys()

for x in keyList:
  sortedList += dList[x]

newFile = open("~/Desktop/logo_stuff/sortedPaths.txt", "w")

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