I am giving up perl because of assholes on clpm -- switching to Python

Dr.Ruud rvtol+news at isolution.nl
Sat Aug 11 17:54:59 CEST 2007

grocery_stocker schreef:

> In the beginning there was Mathematics
> And all was good
> Then one day God said "Let there be the Lambda Calculus"
> And hence the Lambda Calculus was born.
> However, God felt the the Lambda Calculus needed a mate
> So god said "Let there be Lisp"
> And thus, Lisp was born.
> As the years went on, god became depressed by how impure the Lisp had
> become.
> For from the Lisp, came Emacs Lisp, Java, Perl, Ruby, and Python.


Affijn, Ruud

"Gewoon is een tijger."

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