Public Telnet Server?

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Sun Aug 12 20:03:11 CEST 2007

On Sat, 11 Aug 2007 15:07:25 -0000, Dave <davmillar at> wrote:
> Hi there. I'm a beginner at Python and I'm writing my first Python
> script. It's a text adventure about coffee and mixing drinks and being
> crazy and such. I keep updating it and want my friends to beta test it
> for me, but some of them don't have the right version of Python or
> don't want to get Python at all. Is there an easy way I can set up a
> public telnet server so they can just telnet the server and play it?

- get yourself a Unix machine with a real, routable IP address
- enable telnet (or better, ssh) access
- create a new user
- make the game this user's login shell, or let her login script
  exec the game
- test it out
- distribute address, user name and password to people

"netcat ... -e the_game" may be another option.

However, the security implications of this may be serious. You should
assume these people can get local user shell access whenever they feel
like it, and use your machine for evil purposes. I trust my brother
with local access to my machines, and noone else[1].


[1] Well, his two cats too, but they have never logged in so far.
    Probably forgot the password, too.

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