imaplib & Received: header(s)???

Donn Cave donn at _vvanta._om
Sun Aug 19 19:18:36 CEST 2007

Quoth Petri Savolainen <petri.savolainen at>:

| Is there a way to get at the "Received" header(s) or is there something 
| in imaplib or imap server implementations that hides these? If not, what 
| IMAP FETCH command should be used? I've used for example 
| "BODY[HEADER.FIELDS (RECEIVED)]" and it always returns empty ("\r\n"). 
| Despite the Received - header existing, as demonstrated by taking a look 
| at message sources via desktop email clients.
| I need to get at the Received-for header to figure out at which address 
| we received an email. We subscribe to a number of mailing lists using 
| per-mailing-list addresses, and often, To: field contains something else 
| than our address, thus the need for Received-for.
| Any help would be much appreciated - this is baffling me and I've not 
| found anything recent that would help.

"Anything recent"?  If you're getting IMAP advice from comp.lang.python,
I think it's fair to say you will need to be more resourceful.  The
RFC for IMAP4rev1 should be helpful.  I don't know the IMAP to get a
single header field, but my guess is that your error is there.  Can you
retrieve other fields that way?  Does the one you're looking for appear
in the data if you get the whole header, for example with 'RFC822.HEADER'?
It certainly does in my Python IMAP client, and this would have at least
helped you refine your question.

	Donn Cave

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