problems playing with dates from any month.

krishnakant Mane researchbase at
Thu Aug 2 20:16:11 CEST 2007

On 02/08/07, Ian Clark <iclark at> wrote:

I looked there even before.
but could not figure out what the code did.
I know in that variable called s there was a string in a valid date format.
but when datetime.strptime was used, I did not understand the place
where a date object say d was created.
I would expect some thing like d = and the function.  but I did not fine that.
only reference was the datetime module and the documentation is not as good.
another question I am getting is that where is the list of all
formatting characters.  like for example Y is 4 digit year M is month
MM is month in 2 digits etc.
I am trying to locate a list of all these denoters.
can you provide me the place?

> Then it's just:
> if == 5:
>      print 'It's the fifth day of the month'
this was much better than the documentation, thanks,

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