Trying to find zip codes/rest example

Jay Loden python at
Sat Aug 4 07:41:15 CEST 2007

VanL wrote:
> Hello,
> A couple months ago there was an example posted in a blog of a rest 
> interface for validating zip codes.  If I recall correctly, the backend 
> validator was written in python.
> The validator demo page had a single text input; next to the text input 
> would appear either a green check or a red X depending on whether the 
> zip code was valid.
> On the backend, the explanation of the demo included a discussion of 
> using HTTP status codes (200 for a valid zip, 406? for invalid) so that 
> the service could be used from a console as well.
> I now cannot find this demo and the associated discussion.  Does anybody 
> remember this demo and where I might be able to find it?

I don't remember the demo, but a little creative googling turned up

Which matches the description above perfectly, so I assume it's what you were after :-)


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