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Tim Golden mail at
Fri Aug 31 11:46:21 CEST 2007

Erik Max Francis wrote:
> Paddy wrote:
>> I say the 'oll' in troll like the 'ol' in frolic, and pronounce roll
>> and role similarly.
>> My accent is probably from the East Midlands of the UK, but is not
>> pronounced.
> _Troll_ and _frolic_ aren't pronounced with the same "o" sound in any 
> accent I've ever heard of.  Which you pronounce _boat_ and _bot_ the 
> same way, too?

[Amusingly contemplating a trolling war about the pronunciation of "troll"]

Well they sound the same in my more-or-less South London accent.
I can't write those funny phonetic symbols (and I hate to
imagine the Unicode encoding hoops I'd have to jump through
to make them readable anyway) but both "o"s sound short to me.
Like "bot" rather than "boat" using your example.


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