Class problems.

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Tue Aug 14 15:14:45 CEST 2007

Just ignore this, I was being an idiot...

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> Hello,
> I'm having problems retrieving data I think I've put into my program. I 
> have a class and a function. I'm reading in from a personally made text 
> file of the data needed for the class. The FieldsDictionary needs to be 
> accesable outside the function, but my problem is this:
> the print FieldsDictionary[key].Fieldname (which I should have just 
> created because of the line above), returns:
> AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'Fieldname'
> am I just accessing it wrongly?
> I was under the impression that Fields Dictionary should contain a key 
> referencing to a list of instances of the class. i.e. 
> FieldsDictionary{key:[instance1, instance2, instance 3]}
> Is this not what I've programmed?
> class FieldClass(object):
>    def 
> __init__(self,Fieldname="",Fieldlength=0,Type=["A","S","N"],Location=["D","C","L","H","TBA"]):
>        self.Fieldname=Fieldname
>        self.Fieldlength=Fieldlength
>        self.Type=Type
>        self.Location=Location
> def 
> EnterDictionary(FieldsDictionary,key,myfile,FIELD_QUANTITY_OFFSET,LINE_START,LINE_END):
>    data=myfile.readline().strip()
>    for i in range(int(data[FIELD_QUANTITY_OFFSET:])):
>        args =myfile.readline().strip()[LINE_START:LINE_END].split(",")
>        print args
>        FieldsDictionary.setdefault(key, []).append(FieldClass(*args))
>        print FieldsDictionary[key].Fieldname

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