I Need help from all the group participants

Boris Ozegovic ninja.krmenadl at nes.com
Mon Aug 20 16:16:44 CEST 2007


I am working on some system, and the communication will take place through
the chatterbot which will be written in AIML (interpreter is written in
Python).  English is not my mother tongue, so I need huge favor:  if all of
you can write two sentences, so that I could have greater pattern base.
The first sentence is finding someone's heart rate, example: "Please, can
you tell me John's heart rate", and the other one is setting the alarm when
someone's heart rate is lower then x, and greater than y, example: "Can
you, please, send me information when John's heart rate is lower than 60,
and greater than 100".  You can manipulate time (right now, now, right this
moment), and everything else you can think about.    

Ne dajte da nas lažljivac Bandić truje:

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