1)URL QueryString Parsing 2)Search Engine Spiders

mosscliffe mcl.office at googlemail.com
Sun Aug 19 22:36:32 CEST 2007

On 19 Aug, 13:54, samwyse <dejan... at email.com> wrote:
> mosscliffewrote:
> > I am trying to create a back link, equivalent to the browser back
> > action and I can not use java script. The target user does not allow
> > java script.
> > I am using HTTP_REFERER.
> > I need to add the original Query String values.
> > Is there a way to get the QueryString element other than by using
> > cgi.FieldStorage, as I just want to return with the values that were
> > current in the calling page.
> > gv.orgQueryString = ""
> > gv.BackButton = '<A href="' + os.environ.get("HTTP_REFERER") +
> > gv.orgQueryString + '">BACK</A>'
> I'm not sure I understand your problem.  Does the above code not work?
> > Am I right in thinking Search Engine Spiders will never see my script
> > pages as they exist only for the duration of the python script's
> > execution ?  And even then as they are   xxx.py, they would not be
> > seen.
> Anyone who accesses your web server will see the pages that you serve.
> If you serve the xxx.py files, then they can be seen and indexed,
> otherwise they are invisible.

I currently have to build the query string from each field passed.  I
was hoping I could somehow just
split the query string. something like

TheQueryStribgBit = FullURL.split("&")

but I can't find a reference to FullURL with os.environ's

I apologise for my lack of clarity - the grey matter is getting a bit
long in the tooth.


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