status of Programming by Contract (PEP 316)?

Bruno Desthuilliers bruno.42.desthuilliers at
Fri Aug 31 11:10:28 CEST 2007

Russ a écrit :
>> FWIW, the "Eiffel and SPARK Ada folks" also "brilliantly explained" why
>> one can not hope to "write reliable programs" without strict static
>> declarative type-checking.
> And they are probably right.

And they are obviously wrong, by empiric experience.

> I don't think you understand what they mean by "reliable
> programs."

I think you should stop over-estimating yourself, and start realizing 
that there are quite a lot of experimented programmers here.

> The important question is this: why do I waste my time with bozos like
> you?

The same question is probably crossing the mind of quite a lot of people 
here - but the 'bozo' might not be who you think.

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