Launch file from Python

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Wed Aug 8 21:39:03 CEST 2007

On Aug 8, 2:35 pm, Arnau Sanchez <ar... at> wrote:
> kyoso... at escribió:
> > That's just the exit status or run status, if I recall correctly. I
> > think 0 (i.e. False) means it didn't run properly and anything else is
> > True, or ok. Something like that.
> The other way: 0 means "ok" while everything else means error (at least in
> UNIX). The reason is clear: there is usually only one way to do things well, but
> many to fail :-)
> > Technically speaking, you should
> > probably switch to using the subprocess module as it is replacing that
> > os module's functionality:
> Correct, subprocess replaces low-level os.system, os.popen*, os.spawn*, popen*
> functions.

Figures...I couldn't find the docs on it though...and I do know that
some Windows programs return goofy numbers in the 1000s that mean it
worked fine. So, in other words, the return value isn't very helpful.


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