python debugging under emacs?

Alberto Griggio alberto.griggio at
Thu Aug 23 11:33:34 CEST 2007

> Is there a debugging mode in emacs that works well with python?
> I tried gud, but it was giving me errors, so I thought I'd ask before I
> try to get it to work: Is there an emacs mode (perhaps gud) that'll give a
> view of the python source, and currenly executing line, the ability
> inspect datastructures, etc.?  You know, like a modern debugger?  :)
> I also looked at ddd, but it was cranky too, and apparently hasn't seen a
> new release in years.
> I'm really more of a vim person than an emacs person, but if emacs will
> do what I want, I'd happily use it - for this.  :)

You can try pydb (, has a GUD interface
that in my experience works better than pdb...


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