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jay jyoung79 at
Thu Aug 9 03:58:55 CEST 2007

I'm starting to learn how to use emacs (on Mac OS 10.4)
and I found that you can load something called python-mode.el which  
looks like it can help when writing Python
code in emacs.  I'm hoping it can color python syntax as well as  
indent it correctly, etc.
My problems are:

1.  Where should you place the 'python-mode.el' file?  I downloaded a  
folder from '' that contains 4
files (python-mode.el, doctest-mode.el, pycomplete.el and  I couldn't find any installation
instructions anywhere.  Do I use all 4 files or just the one and where  
should it go?  One web-site said the 'python-
mode.el' file needed to be compiled before being moved to whereever it  
needs to go.  How does one compile these things?

2.  All the web-sites I found about installing this said I should  
change my .emacs file which should be located in
my home folder.  I can't find a .emacs file anywhere on my machine.   
The only thing close to it is a .emacs.d folder
which contains an autosave folder.  Does anyone know where this .emacs  
file is located?  Or do I need to manually create one?

Thanks for looking at my questions.

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