Is there a simple way to exit a while loop on keystroke?

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Fri Aug 31 23:28:43 CEST 2007

On Aug 31, 3:55 pm, Arnaud Delobelle <arno... at> wrote:
> On Aug 31, 7:11 pm, gsxg <rha... at> wrote:
> > Thanks,
> > The curses library doesn't look to helpful to me.
> And yet it is.
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> Arnaud

Maybe the OP is on Windows. The docs seem to indicate that the curses
module isn't for Windows (see excerpt below):

While curses is most widely used in the Unix environment, versions are
available for DOS, OS/2, and possibly other systems as well. This
extension module is designed to match the API of ncurses, an open-
source curses library hosted on Linux and the BSD variants of Unix.
See also:

Oddly enough, I have it in my Windows distro, so it's rather
confusing. I've never used it, so I don't know if it plays nice on
Windows or not.


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